Shauny in top 20, DR wins Miss Grand 2015

shaunyrood6Before the top 20 was announced the people in the audience shouted their favorites. One of those was Miss Grand Netherlands 2015, Shauny Bult.
Robin and Stefan, the national directors of Miss Grand Netherlands, had the honor to be at both the preliminary and the finals of Miss Grand International 2015.
Shauny had made a big impression on the fans, the organization, the other participants and the other national directors.
Many believed that our beautiful Miss Grand Netherlands 2015 could make the top 5 or even take the crown.
So there was no surprise when she made the top 20. We had to wait a long time before her name was mentioned so the tension was getting higher every time another country was called out on the stage. There were 6 girls from Europe who made the 20.
After the first round of competition: the swimsuits, we had to say goodbye to the lovely Miss Netherlands, unfortunately.

top201After the second round of competition there were 5 girls who made the top 5: Miss Grand Thailand, Miss Grand Philippines, Miss Grand Australia, Miss Grand India and Miss Grand Dominican Republic. Miss Philippines, Parul Shah, happened to be the roommate of Shauny and became a close friend of hers.
It was Miss Dominican Republic, Anea Garcia, who was crowned the new Miss Grand International.

kroning1Many came to us after the crowning and were very disappointed that Shauny had not made the top 10 and the top 5. We were really honored that so many came to us and of course we would like to have seen Shauny in the top 10, but we are also very proud that she made the top 20 as there were many favorites who didn’t. Besides that it is the second time that the Netherlands have made the semi-finals in the three years Miss Grand International exists.

The Miss Grand International is a growing pageant and already one of the few grand slam pageants in the world. It is also one of the toughest ones, Shauny had to practice sometimes over 12 hours a day before the preliminary and the finals.
But she also visited many beautiful places in Thailand and everywhere she met the friendly people of Thailand who treated her like a princess. They do not call Thailand, Land of Smile, for nothing.
Shauny wouldn’t have missed this experience for a day…..

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photo’s by Robin@12monthsofbeauty