Floor in Vegas

Beautiful Floor in Las Vegas

The city that lights up the dessert in the middle of the night was the setting for the finals for Miss Grand International 2016: Las Vegas.
Homebase for all the contestants was the Westgate Hotel. The iconic hotel where Elvis Presley did his Viva Las Vegas shows. It was also the decor for the “White House” in the James Bond Movie: “Diamonds are Forever”.
The girls and the national directors were invited to visit the top floor where Elvis staid during his stay in Las Vegas. Imagine gold taps, private swimming pool and jacuzzis in every room. We all had to go up with the private elevator that only stops at the top floor and the ground floor.

floorIt was the first time the pageant was held outside of Thailand. This is by the way quit an achievement as the pageant was held for just the 4th time. Still the pageant is growing to be a powerhouse amongst the grand slam pageants in the world and several pageant websites were represented and made reports about the pageant.

swimMiss Grand Netherlands Floor Masselink did an absolutely great job during all the pre final activities and was loved by many of the other participants as she was always ready to help or to listen or to comfort the other contestants when needed.
Floor made a big impression during the preliminaries and many believed that she would made the top 20 and told her to improve her speech for the “Stop the War” campaign which have to be delivered by the top 10 finalists.
The preliminary was even more an achievement for her as she was injured during one of the final rehearsals. One of the other participants hit Floor’s knee with her heal during a dance routine.
Although the pain lasted for quit a while she told her national directors that she would not give up, and she didn’t!

top5Unfortunately Floor just missed the top 20 at the end. But for those who came all the way to Vegas from the Netherlands still could see a lot of her as she was standing and dancing in front of the group. During the crowning of Miss Grand Indonesia 2016, Ariska Putri Pertiwi, as the new Miss Grand International Floor was just standing besides the top 5.
The top 5 besides Miss Indonesia includes: Miss Philippines (first runner-up), Miss Thailand (second runner-up), Miss Puerto Rico (third runner-up) and Miss USA (fourth runner-up)

Just before the new Miss Grand was announced the venue for the Miss Grand International 2017 finals was revealed: Vietnam…….

Thanks Floor for a job well done and we want to congratulate Mister Nawat and his team for yet again a great Miss Grand International pageant.

See you all in Vietnam next year…..

(Photocredits: Robin@12monthsofbeauty)